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1.1 Release Notes

1.1.0 - 19th October 2023

New Feature

  • We have added a REST API to ConversionQA! This allows you to run conversion check operations from any number of systems using HTTP requests. See the REST API Guide for more information.

  • There is also an extra JAR providing a REST command-line client. Details of how to use it are available here: ConversionQA Command Line REST Client

Dependency Changes

  • We have updated a number of dependencies to newer versions:

    • Jackson

    • fastutil

    • icu4j

    • Gson

    • JAXB Runtime

  • We have added a file (docs/notices/attribution.xml) which contains a full list of the libraries used by ConversionQA and their licensing information.

  • For security purposes we have provided a patched version of DITA-OT 3.7.4 with newer versions of dependencies such as Jackson. Full details of this are available here on our forked repository:


  • Removed Calendly link from command-line output and GetStarted.html

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