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Input Types for ConversionQA

ConversionQA accepts a number of input types for the conversion checking process.


The DITA map input type allows passing in a complete DITA document composed of multiple map files and DITA files.

This input type requires that you provide all the DITA files including the map and any referenced topics within a ZIP file.

You will also need to specify the path within the ZIP of the map file, e.g. input.ditamap

How to use custom DITA

Our DitaMapInput class relies on using DITA-OT to consolidate DITA documents into a single file to allow it to be checked against a document in a different format.

If you’re using DitaMapInput and have DITA files using a customised catalog, you will need to do a little bit of setup to get it to work.

You just need to create a plugin.xml file which contains a <feature> using the dita.specialization.catalog.relative extension and a relative path pointing to your catalog file e.g.

<plugin id="com.example.catalog">
  <feature extension="dita.specialization.catalog.relative"

Then you zip up this file along with your catalog files and run this command to install it:

dita-ot-3.7.4-patched-1/bin/dita install /path/to/your/

We recommend you run this using the copy of DITA-OT we have bundled with ConversionQA, i.e. dita-ot-3.7.4-patched-1/bin/dita, alternatively if you wish to use a different copy of DITA-OT see Configuration Properties for more information on how to configure this.

View DITA-OT’s documentation for more details - Extending an XML catalog file


The Docx input type enables checking a Microsoft Word format document.

This input type accepts only Microsoft Word documents that are in the Office Open XML international standard for Office documents. The file must have a file extension of .docx.

For reference the content we handle is the word/document.xml file found within the .docx input.

The .doc binary format used by old versions of Microsoft Word prior to 2007 is not supported.


The XML input type accepts any non-specific, or generic XML document as input to the conversion checking process.

There is no pre-processing applied to these inputs and they should be ‘standalone’ i.e. all of the content is contained within the one input file.

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