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ConversionQA Features


ConversionQA takes two inputs, referred to here as ‘A' input and ‘B’ input. Typically the ‘A’ input would be your document saved in the format it was authored in, for example a Microsoft Word document. You would then convert, or transform, your document to a different format for publishing, version control, or archiving. This converted document containing the transformed content would be the 'B' input. Given the two inputs - the original document and the converted document - ConversionQA will enable you to quickly validate whether or not the original document content was retained with no loss of content or if changes were introduced by your format conversion process.

General Features

  • Find all content differences between a document that is represented in two formats.

  • Report if a conversion between formats has been successful (true) or has introduced changes (false).

  • Outputs a HTML change report with a summary of the results of a conversion check.

  • Accepts single file XML formats

  • Accepts multiple file Microsoft Word and DITA documents

  • Java API


  • Command line client

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