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Getting Started with ConversionQA


Welcome to the DeltaXML ConversionQA product! ConversionQA enables you to quickly and easily confirm your document conversion process has been successful. ConversionQA supports a number of popular XML-based document formats.

What can ConversionQA do?

ConversionQA gives you assurance that document content that has been converted to a different XML format is unchanged, and that nothing has been added or lost in the conversion. This QA check is essential for all high-integrity or audited processes where document formats are changed. Another use case is development of publishing pipelines to check that the original content is faithfully transformed to the published format.

When a document is transformed between one XML format and a different XML format, you need a way to confirm that the transformation has not introduced any changes to the document content. ConversionQA allows you to be confident that your content has been successfully migrated between two XML-based storage formats.


ConversionQA is written in Java, so the only software requirement is to install a Java runtime (and SDK to use the Java API) version 1.8 or greater, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

There are no specific hardware requirements, however we recommend a system with a minimum of 8 Gigabytes of RAM installed.

If using an Apple computer powered by Apple M1/M2/M3 CPU, you should ensure you use a JRE and JVM built for this architecture. A JRE built for Intel CPU will work but will be much slower due to the extra emulation layer.

Java API

A Java API is provided for you to build ConversionQA into your Java server or desktop applications.

The Java API provides a number of classes to control the conversion quality check and to determine whether or not your conversion has been successful. The classes provided are within the package:


The main class is ConversionChecker. Call its checkConversion method to check the accuracy of conversion between two inputs. The returned object is a ConversionCheckerResult which can be queried for the result.

For the full information about the Java API and how to use it, please see the Java API Guide page and the provided javadoc pages for the full API documentation.


A REST API is also provided.

It allows you to call ConversionQA from any number of systems using HTTP requests, check the conversion status of files from a range of input sources including cloud buckets, and also start long-running jobs.

This API depends on a different license to the Java API.

Command Line Interface

The release includes a command line processor which can be used to perform checks of conversion quality through a simple command line interface.

Full details are on the page Command Line Tool Guide


Our simple command line sample for macOS, linux and windows is included with the product in the /GetStarted folder.

See the Run a sample section of the evaluation guide for details.

Release Files and Subfolders

The release contains a number of files and subfolders. This section lists them and explains why they are required.


(replace x.y.z with the major.minor.patch version number of your release e.g. deltaxml-conversion-qa-1.2.3.jar)

This JAR file contains the product's Java API, REST API, and a command line interface.


(replace x.y.z with the major.minor.patch version number of your release e.g. deltaxml-conversion-qa-rest-client-1.2.3.jar)

This JAR file is a command line REST client. It provides an easy way to test the REST server without having to write code.

flexlm.jar, EccpressoAll.jar

These JAR files are used by ConversionQA for licensing purposes and need to be available on the classpath.


This file contains the software license agreement for the ConversionQA product.

dita-ot-3.7.4-patched-1 folder

Inputs specified using the DitaMapInput object are processed using DITA-OT to create a single input document for conversion checking.

We have provided a patched version of DITA-OT 3.7.4 which updates various dependencies for security reasons. Details of this are available in the commit history here:

If you already make use of a different version of DITA-OT see the properties page for how to override the DITA-OT location.

DITA-OT 4.1 makes use of Saxon 12 which is not supported by ConversionQA and could cause issues.

docs folder

This folder contains all of the ConversionQA legal notices.

javadoc folder

This folder contains the javadoc format documentation for the Java API.

GetStarted folder

This folder contains a “one page” sample and scripts to run this sample conversion check.


We are always keen to improve our products - please contact us if you have any comments or suggestions while working with ConversionQA. We hope you enjoy it!

The DeltaXML Team.

Licensing and Legal Notices

The DeltaXML software is licensed under the terms described in the file License.html. The software also includes components developed by others, the redistribution and copyright terms, including necessary notices are described here.

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