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Technical Specification for ConversionQA


ConversionQA compares two well-formed XML files, identified as 'A' and 'B', and generates a HTML file summarising the content differences between the two files. The two files are intended to contain the same content represented in two different XML formats, e.g. a DITA file converted to Office Open XML.

The ConversionQA software provides a procedural interface that can be embedded in other Java-based software to compare the text content of two well-formed XML 1.0 documents, A and B, and represent any text differences in a HTML report. It also provides a REST interface which can be accessed from any other software, including non-Java systems.

Input Formats


The content of an Open Office XML file is extracted from the word/document.xml file contained within the .docx input.


DITA documents can be specified as a zip file which contains a DITA Map and referenced topics. ConversionQA makes use of the DITA-OT to process the document into a single file for comparison purposes.

Output Format

ConversionQA produces a Summary of Changes Report in HTML. This report provides a table listing text changes between the two inputs, reported from the context of the ‘B' inputs’ format. The ‘A' and 'B’ values (where applicable) are displayed along with an extracted snippet of the document showing the parent element.

The ConversionCheckerResult object returned by the checkConversion method also provides a boolean indicating whether all of the content is present (true) or if there are any changes detected (false).

System Requirements

ConversionQA requires:

  • A Java Standard Edition JRE version 8 or later. We test on: Ubuntu (Intel 64 bit) and macOS (Intel 64 bit). For support any reported problem should be reproducible on at least one of these platforms.

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