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Compare Guide

DeltaJSON allows the comparison of two JSON files and the output of a result file in JSON which describes the changes in a computer-readable form. This result file can optionally just contain the changes or include all the original information too. It can then be used to generate a human-readable view of the changes. Alternatively it could be processed further for various other purposes.

The additional objects that are used to describe the changes are given on this page: The DeltaJSON Delta Format.

For request details see Compare Request

Benefits of DeltaJSON Compare

The comparison uses a structured approach rather than just allowing a line-by-line comparison. This provides a much more accurate result as the contents of one JSON file may have a completely different structure to another. These structural changes do not reflect changes in the content of the files.

The output of the comparison is a delta file which allows any post-processing that you may want to create. A purely graphical output may look good in a sample but may not meet you needs and cannot provide input to further processing.


There are simple examples of compare in the user guide, see Array AlignmentIgnore Changes and Word by Word.

The Postman collection also has examples, see Testing Using Postman.

Output from Compare

The output can be a full delta or a changes only delta file. By default this is in JSON. This format is defined here: The DeltaJSON Delta Format.

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