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Free Usage Tier

DeltaXML is providing a free usage tier that allows evaluation and experimentation prior to large scale deployments using future paid tiers or on-premise deployments. It also allow small-scale production use, but without any service level agreements or other guarantees of service availability or provision.

The tier is currently based on an operation metric. Each operation increments a usage limit counter, that once reaching a set permitted usage level will return an appropriate error. The counter is reset every 30 days.

The current free usage tier allows 1000 operations per 30 days. The current usage level can be viewed at:

There is also a REST /usage resource that can be called to determine the usage level within an application. On request we may be able to increase the allowance on a one-off basis for a month or an ongoing basis; please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Free Tier Service Limitations

Various limitations are in place in order to provide a reliable service to a number of users with the free usage tier. Future paid SaaS tiers on more scalable infrastructure or on-premise offerings may relax these limitations.

Web Client Limitations

The current web client performs poorly when trying to display and synchronize changes for large JSON inputs. A download and copy result to clipboard facility when the input size exceeds 50 KB is provided as an alternative to the synchronized display. We are working on performance improvements for our synchronized result display in the client and will increase this limit as we resolve these issues. The clipboard and download facility may also be retained when the limit is increased.

This is a client-only limitation and the REST service itself is capable of processing much larger inputs.

REST Service Limitations

The REST service free usage tier has limits in place:

  • to provide a reliable service for many users

  • to ensure our hosting and bandwidth costs are constrained

  • to provide opportunities to monetize future paid for usage tiers as part of a more robust/scalable SaaS offering

When you hit your usage limit for number of comparisons, you will receive a HTTP 400 Bad Request response, with a JSON response containing an error message "Monthly usage limit reached." with the key errorMessage.

You can also check your usage details from the endpoint /usage which returns a JSON object. The key usage contains your current number of used comparisons, permittedUsage contains your permitted usage limit. startPeriod and endPeriod respectively document the start and end of your usage period.

 "usage": 7,
 "permittedUsage": 1000,
 "startPeriod": "2017-05-23",
 "endPeriod": "2017-06-21"

As well as a monthly limit on the number of comparisons the size of each of the two comparison inputs is currently limited to 5 MB. This limit is subject to change. When you hit the size limit, you will receive a HTTP 400 Bad Request response, with a JSON response containing an error message "JSON Input A exceeds 5000000 character size limit." (A or B where applicable) with the key errorMessage.

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