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11.2 Release notes

11.2.2 - 20th June 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Setting SVG Processing to false was previously still pulling in external SVG into topics. This has been fixed. This was customer support case CUST-819.

  • The GUI batch files now have the correct version number. This was customer support case CUST-819.

11.2.1 - 5th June 2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed classpath so dependencies necessary when using Java 17+ are picked up correctly.

  • The REST JARs were missing in 11.2.0 due to an error with our release system, this has been rectified.

11.2.0 - 17th May 2023

New Features

  • DITA Compare now compares SVG as XML and produces an SVG comparison result within DITA files.

  • New parameter to remove move source has been added. This was customer support case CUST-773.

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