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Large Document Sample (DITA-OT User Guide)


This sample compares two versions of the DITA Open Toolkit's User Guide, doc-1-6-3/userguide.ditamap and doc-1-7-2/userguide.ditamap, using the 'topic set', 'map pair' and 'unified map' map result structures. This is intended to illustrates the results of the comparison on a reasonable sized document. Please see the Map Sample, for a more detailed discussion on map comparison in general.

Script Features

The output of the 'topic set', 'map pair' and 'unified map' comparisons are put into the topic-set-A, map-pair-B and unified-map-B directories respectively. These directories contain a result-alias.ditamap file whose content references the actual results, but can be used as a result in its own right. Note that in the case of the map pair result, the alias combines the two main result maps into a single document.

Running the sample

The sample resources and a description on how to run it can be found at: for Java and here for .NET.

The resources should be checked-out, cloned or downloaded and unzipped into the samples directory of the DITA Compare release. They should be located such that they are two levels below the top level release directory, for example DeltaXML-DITA-Compare-8_0_0_j/samples/large-document.

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