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Samples and Guides

Document Samples

Topic Sample

Demonstrates how to perform a simple topic-level comparison and produce the different output formats.


Topicset Map Sample

Demonstrates DITA map-based topicset comparison and further explains the different result map structures.


Topicset Bookmap Sample

Similar to the Topicset Map Sample but uses the bookmap specialisation as its input maps.


Mapfile Map Sample

Demonstrates comparison of DITA map files - referenced topics are not compared.


Mapfile Bookmap Sample

Similar to the Mapfile Map Sample but uses the bookmap specialisation as its input maps.


Large Document Sample (DITA-OT User Guide)

Map comparison using a larger, real-world example of the DITA Open Toolkit user guide as input. Two versions of the user guide are compared to show how map comparison results look on 'real' documents.


API Samples

Using the API

Uses simple classes to demonstrate how to invoke and configure comparisons using the API. Both Java and C# code is available.


Additional Guides

Guide to Publishing using DITA Open Toolkit

Explains how to integrate our modifications into a DITA OT installation and then use that to produce published DITA topics and maps that include highlight changes.


Styling changes with CSS in Oxygen Editor

Explains how to extend the DITA framework in the oXygen editor to use our custom CSS for highlighting changes to maps in Author mode.


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