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4.0.x Release Notes

Release 4.0.0 - 15 May 2020

New Features

  • Created a new package, com.deltaxml.mergecommon.config, that now contains enumerations and configuration classes.

This is a breaking change and we have documented more details here: DITA Merge 4.0.0 - API Updates

  • DITA Maps can now be merged using DITA Merge. This was customer support case CUST-188.


  • DITA Merge will no longer have class loading issues while using it along with DITA Compare. This was customer support case CUST-185.

  • Removed some of the static HTML documentation that was previously moved to our website. Removed release notes file from the release, this is now available on our documentation site (that you are reading right now!).

  • Simple table processing in DITA Merge has been updated to identify invalid tables. Merge objects can now be configured to handle the invalid tables and add useful warnings or throw an exception.

  • CALS table processing has been modified to avoid duplicating the table when a new column is added or deleted within an existing column span.

  • When a CALS table row is added within an existing row-span section, the merge result shows only the new row marked up, without duplicating surrounding rows.

  • DITA Merge now generates useful error messages when CALS table's spanning, overlapping or colnum attributes have incorrect value types.

  • For a CALS table with added/deleted columns, the alignment of entry elements referencing colspec elements in a CALS table has been improved.

  • DITA Merge no longer throws an exception if a row spanning value is not an integer. This case is now handled properly by the table checker.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Sequential Merge when using ‘orderless’ processing where subsequent versions added, deleted, and re-added identical elements. We consider these changes to be separate edits and should not match together, so the delta has been fixed and identical elements added in alternating versions will no longer match together. This has always been the case with ordered merges, but there was a bug with ‘orderless’ merges.

  • Fixed a bug in Concurrent Merge where an attribute not present in the base is added to edits - produced an incorrect delta.

  • Fixed a bug in Sequential Merge in <deltaxml:textGroup>s where identical text in subsequent versions was not grouped together in the same <deltaxml:text>.

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