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Getting Started


Welcome to the DITA Merge product. DITA Merge allows you to manage the complexities that arise when multiple authors work, either concurrently or sequentially, on the same document. The resulting document variants can be merged, or their differences monitored as required.

To learn more about the capabilities of DITA Merge, see the rest of the User Guide.

Getting Started with Each Interface


The Java API provides a simple way to integrate merge into your existing processing workflow or Content Management System.

See this guide to find out how to setup the Java API.

For further info, see the API documentation for details on parameter settings and their effects.


DITA Merge also has a REST API which allows merge operations from wide range of programming languages and systems.

See the REST documentation for details.

Command-line Tool

DITA Merge can be run using a command-line interface that is invoked from a terminal window or Windows command line. For full details see the page Using the Command Line Tool.

License Information

In addition to a product download you will also need to obtain a license file before you can run the software.

See our Licensing User Guide for full details, including how to update your licence.

Input Restrictions

A few restrictions are imposed on the input XML for a merge operation, see Input XML Restrictions

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