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Release Documentation

User Guide

This provides a high-level description of the DITA Merge product, covering all the main features, and links to more detailed reference documentation and samples.


Getting Started

Quick start guides to get you up and running as soon as possible, and links to other relevant documentation.

Java         REST         Command Line

Developer Documentation

Developer documentation is available for the objects and methods available when using the Java APIs, and also for the structure of REST endpoints, requests and responses.

Java         REST

Release notes

The release notes give a version by version breakdown of new features, updates and bug fixes. They will also notify you of any unavoidable API changes that may require you to update your own code.


Licensing and Legal Notices

The DeltaXML software is licensed under the terms described in the file Licence.html. The software also includes components developed by others, the redistribution and copyright terms, including necessary notices are described in legal-notices.html.

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