Samples and Guides

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Sample Data

This page links to each of the inputs used in the DITA Merge sample and also links to files for each of the result types.


Java API Sample

This sample provides a basic demonstration on how to run a simple merge using the Java API.


Configuration File Sample

This sample shows how configuration files can be used to extend the internal catalogs when DITA specializations are used.


Three To Two Merge Use Cases

This sample shows how a three-way merge can be simplified to a two-way result with different options to show 'all changes', 'conflicting changes' or 'their changes'.


Mercurial Plugin Sample

This sample demonstrates how DITA Merge can be used in conjunction with Mercurial merge and graft operations. This sample supports Unix systems including MacOS and Linux.


Git Plugin Sample

This sample allows DITA Merge to be used as a git merge-tool. This sample supports Unix systems including MacOS and Linux.



Merge Result Formats

This guide provides an overview of the different merge result formats and types.


Concurrent Merge Analysis

This guide provides details on the purpose of the analyzed deltaV2 output and describes how to configure DITA Merge to produce this result type.


Rule Based Processing

This guide describes how to configure DITA Merge to apply automatic rules to the merge result in order to programatically 'accept' or 'reject' specific changes.


Merging tables

Guide for table processing


oXygen Merge Resolver

This guide describes how to download, install and use oXygen Merge Resolver, an add-on for the oXygen XML Editor.


The DeltaV2 Format for DITA Merge

This guide describes the parts of the DeltaV2 format particularly relevant in a DITA Merge context.


The Simplified DITA Merge Format

The simplified XML output from DeltaXML DITA Merge is a simplified form of the deltaV2 format. This guide describes the parts of the simplified format particularly significant in the context of DeltaXML DITA Merge.


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