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Pre-6.0.0 Archive

Prior to release 6.0.0, release notes were generated as a HTML page included in the software release. At 6.0.0, we switched to hosting our release notes on our website instead. Release notes for releases prior to 6.0.0 are included on this page for posterity.

Release 5.2.2

12th October 2018

  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug that causes an invalid CALS table result when the changes include a combination of a named column move and added rows. This was customer support case 716.

Release 5.2.1

18th September 2018

  • Bug Fix: Remove "footnote" from the default list of inline-formattingelements. This was customer support case 712.

Release 5.2

23rd August 2018

  • Enhancement: Now using Saxon 9.8. The supported versions of Saxon are 9.7 and 9.8.
  • Enhancement: Updated included version of International Components for Unicode to icu4j 6.1.1.
  • Enhancement: Add colname attributes to CALS table entries on input if all colspec elements have been named. This improves table comparison where columns are deleted. This was customer support case 603.
  • Enhancement: Performance improvements for CALS tables with a large number of rows. This was customer support case 415.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issues with the GUI batch script when the JAVA_HOME path environment variable contained certain characters such as spaces, parentheses, or quotes.
  • Bug Fix: Reordering of CALS table constraints in order to avoid an exception when colnum value is zero. This was customer support case 488.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug where comparison times were reported incorrectly by the progress listener.
  • Bug Fix: CALS table performance improvements for complex tables. This was customer support case 672.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue on CALS table validation of tables with lots of morerows or a high morerows value. This was customer support case 676.

Release 5.1.2

27th February 2018

  • Bug Fix: When CALS tables contain processing instructions, there was the possibility that processing them as part of the table processing caused an Exception in the 'cals-overlap' XSLT filter. The bug has now been fixed. This was customer support case 655.
  • Bug Fix: An Exception was thrown when an unchanged thead, tbody, or tfoot inside a modified table contained row spanning across multiple rows in that section. The bug has been fixed. This was customer support case 654.
  • Bug Fix: When DocBook 5 inputs are used and a table entry changes between inline and block content, the result cannot contain a mix of inline (e.g. <ph>) and block (e.g. <para>). To handle this potential invalidity, inline content changes within a table entry are wrapped in a paragraph if there are any block-level elements inside the same entry. Although this wasn't the subject of Case 654, it was identified as part of the fix for that case. This was customer support case 654.
  • Bug Fix: With image comparison enabled, modified attributes on an imagedata element were not processed correctly, resulting in invalid content in the result file. The bug has now been fixed. This was customer support case 656.

Release 5.1.1

15th December 2017

  • Bug Fix: The fallback mechanism of representing table changes using a duplicated tgroup when complex structural changes are present was being used in circumstances where no structural change had taken place. This was due to a bug in the detection of structural change, which has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: CALS table post-processing code that corrected the order of entries within a row was producing incorrect results due to a bug. This has now been fixed. This was customer support case 610.
  • Bug Fix: When the InvalidCalsTableBehaviour is set to FAIL and the CalsValidationLevel is set to RELAXED, validation warnings should no longer cause an Exception. Strict validation errors will continue to cause an Exception, even in RELAXED mode.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug in the CALS validation code. Use of a spanname attribute on entries inside a thead or tfoot was deemed invalid, even when the thead or tfoot had no local colspecs defined. This was an incorrect interpretation of the specification and has now been relaxed slightly. This was customer support case 610.
  • Bug Fix: The scope for items that are potentially identified as moves has been clarified. Elements can only be processed as moved when the element itself has ben identified as added or deleted by the comparison. If the element with the id attribute is nested inside an added or deleted tree, it will not be considered as a potential move. This was customer support case 612.
  • Bug Fix: When CALS tables contain complex structural change, the comparison result extracts copies of the original and modified tgroups to display in the result. When the tables contain entrytbl elements which themselves contain change, this extraction was not working correctly. This has now been resolved.

Release 5.1

10th October 2017

  • New Feature: Processing instructions of the form <?dxml-ordered-rows cell-pos:1?> can now be used inside a tbody element to automatically add keys to table rows. This was customer support case 399.
  • New Feature: It is now possible to compare images not just by the reference used in the source but by reading the binary data in the referenced file. This results in a more reliable result for image differences. See the image comparison sample for more details on the different scenarios now handled.
  • New Feature: Element moves are now supported in DocBook Compare. This feature makes use of id and xml:id attributes on elements to identify situations where the result contains a single addition and deletion of elements with the same id. These can be treated as a move. Please see the MoveHandling sample for more details about this feature. This was customer support case 520, 526.
  • Enhancement: Sample files are now available for Orderless Tables
  • Enhancement: Improved the handling of inline formatting element changes. The list of elements that are considered to be inline formatting has been updated and it is now possible to modify this list using inclusion and exclusion lists passed as parameters. This was customer support case 512.
  • Enhancement: oXygen's tracked change format for attribute change is now supported as part of the oXygen tracked change result type.
  • Bug Fix: Progress reporting via the progress listener is now working as expected.
  • Bug Fix: Updated the SWT dependencies for the example GUI tool to solve issues that were occurring on some 64-bit platforms.
  • Evaluation: Updates to allow trial license restrictions to be applied to the result file. This has unfortunately become necessary after abuse of our terms and conditions regarding evaluations. Please see the DocBook Compare download page for more details on the nature of the restrictions.

Release 5.0.1

3rd October 2016

  • Enhancement: Removed deprecated Date parameters in licensing exceptions due to changes associated with moving to Flexera licensing technology. This provides consistency with licenseing exceptions in other DeltaXML products.

Release 5.0

22nd March 2016

  • Flexera License management is included in this release to support new named-user, server and concurrent server/user licensing systems. There are some API modifications to support new licensing system, but otherwise the release functionality should be equivalent to release 4.0

Release 4.0

11th November 2014

  • New Feature: Added support for user specified phrase containers. Please see documentation on 'additional-phrase-containers' parameter for more details. This was customer support case 346.
  • New Feature: Support for orderless table row comparison has been introduced. Please see the user guide for more details. This was customer support case 378.
  • Enhancement: The performance of the CALS tables input filters has been improved when running with saxon 9.5.1.x library (which is the version included in the download). This was customer support case 374, 376.
  • Enhancement: The DocBook CALS processing now produces warnings instead of errors, when invalid CALS table inputs are known to be processable. This was customer support case 379.
  • Enhancement: The automatic whitespace handling has been updated to take account of the preservation mode. Round trip preservation modes now ignore changes in whitespace by default.
  • Bug Fix: When both entity references and their content is kept by the comparison process it was possible for their expanded text content to lose its comparison status (i.e. whether it was in the 'A' or 'B' document). This has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The standalone attribute of the XML declaration is no longer preserved in the output, due to incompatibilities in parsing and serialisation technologies.
  • Bug Fix: The Windows GUI's File->Exit menu item now exits the application. And the File->Close menu item now only appears instead of the File->Exit menu item when using Mac OS X.
  • Bug Fix: When both the HTML table processing and the change grouping were enabled at the same time it was possible to produce invalid tables. This bug only affected the format specific output formats. It has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Passing an invalid value to the invalid-cals-table-behaivour parameter caused a null pointer exception to be thrown. This has now been fixed.

Release 3.0.4

12th May 2014

  • Bug Fix: The .NET API sample could not locate the XML parser. This has been fixed by explicitly adding the XML parser to the sample code.

Release 3.0.3

7th May 2014

  • Enhancement: The CALS table processing now detects invalid tables and processes them as specified by the invalid-cals-table-behaviour and warning-report-mode parameters. Please see the parameter documentation in the user-guide for more details. This was customer support case 272, 273, 321.
  • Enhancement: Comparisons can now be run from within oXygen 15.x. Specifically, the DeltaXML oXygen Adaptor can now be configured to run the comparison using the deltaxml-docbook.jar.
  • Bug Fix: The html-table-change-regrouper.xsl no longer removes whitespace, comments or processing-instructions between HTML table rows.
  • Bug Fix: The .NET API documentation for the com.deltaxml.docbook namespace was not being correctly generated. This has now been fixed.

Release 3.0.2

3rd October 2012

  • Bug Fix: Configuring enumerated parameters within the GUI caused the comparison to fail with a reported exception and/or hang indefinitely. The precise type of failure depended on the operating system and version of the GUI being run. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: When running the GUI on a Mac only one of the three toolbar buttons appeared. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The Mac app's install command now installs the command-line utilities into an appropriately named directory that reflects the product's name and version.

Release 3.0.1

7th August 2012

  • Bug Fix: When launching the Graphical version of the tool on the Window's operating system an 'Unknown' publisher warning was produced. This has now been addressed by signing the code with our certificate. The warning now contains 'DeltaXML Limited' publisher in its text, which is a hyperlink to this certificate and its authorisation chain.

Release 3.0

31st July 2012

  • Incompatible Change: The docbook4-input parameter has been removed. It was deprecated in the 2.1 release, where it no longer had any affect.
  • Incompatible Change: .NET OEM Redistribution Licensing Code now uses ulong array instead of long array. This makes it consistent with the underpinning DeltaXML Core product.
  • Mac Application now runs under 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • New Feature: The tool can now produce some editor specific tracked change output in addition to the DocBook markup output. Specifically, the Arbortext, oXygen, and XMetaL tracked change output formats are supported.
  • New Feature: Orphaned word processing has been added, i.e. occasional unchanged words in a region of changed text are included in the changed text for clarity of presentation.
  • Enhancement: Due to improvements in the whitespace-handling since line-by-line processing was originally introduced, it is no longer appropriate to process elements in a line-by-line manner. This type of processing will no longer occur.
  • Enhancement: The word boundary processing has been reimplemented using the icu-project implementation of the Unicode Standard Annex #29. This means that word separation for non-English locales is now much improved. The xml:lang attribute can be used to specify the locale used when detecting word boundaries. The identification of unchanged spaces has also been improved.
  • Enhancement: Upgraded the embedded Saxon XSLT processor to SaxonPE
  • Bug Fix: Reduced the amount of extra whitespace added to tables when whitespace changes were requested.
  • Bug Fix: CALS table overlapping row calculation was taking too long on large tables, this has now been optimised. This was customer support case 270.
  • Bug Fix: Changing the cols attribute as well as other attributes on a CALS table tgroup element caused the comparison to fail. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: The unmarked change handling is not applied to attributes as originally suggested in the parameter documentation. Attribute change is now handled by a new modified-attribute-mode parameter (as discussed in the user guide).
  • Bug Fix: oXygen/XMetaL deletion could previously break when the deleted 'text' region contained more than one XML node. This has now been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: DocBook's informaltable element can now correctly contain html table content.
  • Bug Fix: Whitespace within elements that have mixed content was sometimes normalised away when the only text was whitespace. This has now been fixed (via explicitly marking relevant elements as mixed content, and not relying on the presence of a DTD).
  • Bug Fix: The GUI now properly retains string pipeline parameters in the comparison configuration window.
  • Bug Fix: Drag and dropping of files into the GUI now works properly.

Release 2.2

15th May 2012

  • New Feature: Added the ability to switch off CALS table processing. In some cases, invalid CALS tables in the input files can cause the comparison to fail. In these cases, the comparison can be completed successfully by turning off the CALS table processing.
  • New Feature: Added the ability to switch off HTML table processing.

Release 2.1

15th March 2012

  • Bug Fix: The xinclude.mod file that allows XInclude elements in DocBook 4 has been added to the included catalogs for DocBook 4.3 and 4.5
  • Bug Fix:synopsis, funcsynopsisinfo and classsynopsisinfo DocBook 4 elements are now all processed as line-by-line elements
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a problem in the way that deltaxml:key attributes are added to table columns in the 'structural' CALS table processing mode
  • Bug Fix: The useId keying mode was not removing existing deltaxml:key attribuites as it should have been. This is now corrected.
  • Enhancement: The output of the 'describe' command on the command-line tool has been improved
  • Enhancement:set, appendix and bibliography have been added as permissible root elements for DocBook inputs.
  • Enhancement: Added a new keying mode, useCondition that removes all existing deltaxml:key attributes and uses condition attributes for element alignment.
  • New Feature: A User Guide is now included in the release
  • New Feature: New DocBook Compare GUI, making it a lot easier to run your DocBook comparisons.
  • New Feature: Added support for HTML table and DITA simpletable processing (see user guide for further details). This was customer support case 257.
  • New release distributions You can now get DeltaXML DocBook Compare for Windows, Mac OS X, Java and .NET.
  • Parameter deprecation: The docbook4-input parameter and its associated API methods/properties have been marked as deprecated and may be removed in a future release.

Release 2.0.5

8th September 2011

  • Bug Fix: Although invalid input, interchanging id and xml:id attributes across DocBook 5 inputs was causing an Exception to be thrown. This has been resolved. This was customer support case: 227
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug relating to the number of table rows that are duplicated (as deleted and added rows) when there is a change to a morerows attribute. This was customer support case: 228
  • Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where added or deleted tables were being unnecessarily processed by table processing filters in the output filter chain. This was customer support case: 231

Release 2.0.4

12th July 2011

  • Bug Fix: Improvements to the handling of <entry/> exchanges with <entrytbl/> were only applied to the table body, not to the header and footer. This has been fixed.
  • Bug Fix: Further fixes for xml:id reference integrity. This was customer support case: 215

Release 2.0.3

1st July 2011

  • Bug Fix: Exchanging a table row entry (<entry/>) with an entry table (<entrytbl/>) caused a table row to contain too many items. This was customer support case: 214
  • Bug Fix: There were more complicated id issues where referentially invalid results were being produced. Code for handling id/xml:id has been improved further. This was customer support case: 215

Release 2.0.2

22nd June 2011

  • Bug Fix: Referentially invalid results were being produced in cases where cross-references where deleted from the B input. This issue was fixed and a number of improvements were made to the id/xml:id handling code. This was customer support case: 210

Release 2.0.1

6th May 2011

  • Bug Fix: Table rows that were spanned by a previous row and also included column spanning changes were causing the result table to be an invalid CALS table. This has been corrected. This was customer support case: 207
  • Missing sample file: The sample configuration file in sample/config was referring to a DTD that had not been included in the release. It is now present.

Release 2.0

27th April 2011

  • Bug Fix: In some cases, the process of ensuring that the result document ids are unique caused invalid id references to appear in the result. This has been corrected. This was customer support case: 205
  • Bug fix: A regression in 5.3.9 was causing p0 namespace prefixes (mapping to the DocBook 5 systemId) to appear in the results. While they didn't affect the semantics they were annoying for customers doing 'round-trip' operations. This was included in customer support case: 203
  • Bug fix: The list of DocBook 5 elements which are processed so as to preserve linebreaks while detecting textual changes has been rationalized. The list of elements where we do this should now conform to those whose 'processing expectations' include the term 'linebreaks are significant'. Customer support case number 192 identified blockquote as being incorrectly processed in this way, further investigation also removed modifier from the list of elements.
  • Enhancement: The number of cases in which table changes are reported at the coarse (tgroup) granularity has been further reduced. A number of cases where there are spanning changes are now reported at the row granularity (i.e. sets of added/deleted rows). This was customer support case: 175.
  • Enhancement: The process of merging the pipelines has been completed and the docbook-version parameter is no longer required, but it remains for backward compatibilty reasons and is simply ignored in version 2.0. In this process the list of elements in which a phrase is used to show text changes has been rationalized. Additionally, when so configured, all text content is now compared at word-by-word granularity except where line breaks are preserved (e.g. programlisting).
  • Enhancement: CALS tables with column width values of * are converted/normalized to 1*. They should now compare as equal.
  • Bug fix: Better handling of CALS tables containing fewer colspecs than the declared number of columns. The inferred colspecs are now added prior to comparison according to the CALS table semantic rules. This issue was reported in the support forum.
  • Incompatible API Change: The com.deltaxml.config.ConfigProperties class is no longer available. Its functionality should now be accessed using com.deltaxml.docbook.ConfigProperties.

Release 1.2

10th December 2010

  • New Feature: Now uses Saxon 9.3 (Professional Edition).

Release 1.1

26th November 2010

  • New Feature: Added support for progress monitoring.

Release 1.0

27th July 2010

  • First Release: First release of the DocBook comparison tool

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