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6.0.x Release Notes

Release 6.0.0 - 22nd April 2020

New Feature

  • DocBook Compare now supports MathML comparison. For more details please see MathML Comparison section in the User Guide.
  • The Adobe FrameMaker tracked change format has been added to DocBook Compare. This was customer support case CUST-149.


  • DocBook Compare GUI has been improved so that it works on Windows and macOS with JAVA version 8, 11 and 13. For more information on DeltaXML’s stance on supporting different java versions, please visit our-stance-on-java.
  • The comparison now handles the case when the colspan in a CALS table only exists in one of the input files.
  • CALS table processing has been modified to avoid duplicating the table when a new column is added or deleted within an existing column span. This was the customer support case 659.
  • HTML table processing in Docbook Compare has been updated to identify invalid tables. Docbook Compare can now be configured to handle the invalid tables and add useful warnings or throw an exception. This was the customer support case 688.
  • HTML tables which are semantically the same but are different in terms of <col> and <colgroup> are now normalised to produce a better result.
  • Where HTML tables in the input documents have a different <tbody> element-count, but the same contents, the difference may be ignored.
  • DocBook Compare now generates useful error messages when CALS table's spanning, overlapping or colnum attributes have incorrect value types.

Bug Fixes

  • DocBook Compare no longer generate missing/duplicate HTML table rows if there is no row span change.
  • Informal table is preserved when two input tables have inconsistent number of columns. Previously this table was removed. This was customer support case CUST 190.
  • DocBook Compare no longer throws an exception while using ignore inline formatting when inputs have processing instructions. This was customer support case CUST-173.

Documentation Changes

  • Much of our Release Documentation has now been moved to our web site.
  • Our code samples have been removed from the release, and moved to
  • Bitbucket repositories. This allows us to easily add new samples or update existing ones without requiring a new release.
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