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Configuration File


DocBook Compare’s REST API has been designed with a configuration file due to the complexity of the API. We have grouped parameters together to make it easier to understand.

The schema for the configuration file is defined using an XML Schema (XSD), the XSD file is included in the product distribution rest-resources directory and is documented here: Configuration File Schema Guide.

There is also an example file available here: configuration-sample.xml

Editing the Configuration File

To help ensure that you create a valid configuration file, it is recommended that you use an XML editor that supports XSD validation and associate the file with the configuration file XSD. The XSD association is made using the xsi:schemaLocation attribute with a URI value that links to the configuration XSD file docbook-configuration.xsd, included in the distribution's resources directory. For example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  xsi:schemaLocation=" docbook-configuration.xsd">

Note that in the above example, the configuration file elements use the default prefix that is bound to the namespace. The namespace is therefore also included as the first part of the xsi:schemaLocation value.

With this XSD association in your configuration file, your XML editor should provide auto-completion and context-specific help documentation as you type.

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