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9.1 Release notes

9.1.0 - 18th April 2023

Enhancements and API Changes

  • In this release we have included our latest table comparison algorithms for HTML tables. The new approach is based on different techniques:

    1. Comparing the columns of a table first, based on the content that they contain.

    2. Reconstructing a non-ragged table showing column and row adds and deletes but basing the final structure on that of the B input.

  • The new table comparison algorithm attempts to use the spans of the table in the second ‘B' input to restore table structure. Data from the overlapped cells of the first 'A' input would then be appended to that span, except for the first cell which was overlapped where the content would be compared if possible. CALS table cells can be either entrys or entrtbls (nested tables). Previously there were problems when a span in ‘B’ was of one cell type and the cells from ‘A’ that it overlapped were of a different type. In this case content from 'A’ was lost. This has now been fixed. Now if one input contains enrtytbls and the other enrtys we show an entrytbl with A and B data shown in different columns and rows. A similar approach is taken in cases where a single spanning entrytbl from B overlaps mutliple entrytbls from A. The idea in all cases is to show the unmatched data from A and B in a nested table that is valid. Users whose tables do not contain nested tables remain unaffected. Feedback from Users is welcomed.

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