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Title / DescriptionJava.NET
The File Comparison Sample illustrates how to use both the API and the command-line to compare DocBook files.File Comparison SampleFile Comparison Sample
Ignore Formatting This sample illustrates how it is possible to ignore inline formatting changes, using the 'ignore-inline-formatting' property.Ignore Formatting SampleIgnore Formatting Sample
Move Handling This sample shows how it is possible to detect and represent moved items in DocBook. It applies the 'detect-moves' property.Move Handling SampleMove Handling Sample
Ordered Tables. This shows how to auto key the order of rows within a simple table when comparing DocBook files.Ordered Tables SampleOrdered Tables Sample
Orderless Tables. This shows how to ignore the order of rows within a simple table when comparing DocBook files, using processing-instructions.Orderless Tables SampleOrderless Tables Sample
Image Compare. The sample illustrates how it is possible to compare the actual Images in source documents rather than the string values of their locations, using the 'image-compare' property. Image Comparison SampleImage Comparison Sample


How to Compare DocBook

Introductory guide on how to compare DocBook files.


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