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Ignore Formatting sample

1. Running the sample from the Command-line

It is possible to compare two DocBook files using the command line tool from this directory as follows, where '\''^' is a line continuation character.

java -jar ../../deltaxml-docbook.jar compare \
                docbook-article-version-1.xml docbook-article-version-2.xml docbook-article-revision.xml \
                indent=yes ignore-inline-formatting=true

The docbook-article-revision.xml file contains the result, which does not show the revisions where inline emphasis markup has been inserted as ignore-inline-formatting is set to true. The author markup inside the emphasis which was inserted around the text Fred in docbook-article-version-2.xml is shown as a change because it is NOT an inline fomatting element change.

Other parameters are available as discussed in the User Guide and summarised by the following command

java -jar ../../deltaxml-docbook.jar describe

For an example of using the java/.Net API to call the compare see the FileCompare sample.