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File Compare sample

1. Running the sample from the Command-line

It is possible to compare two DocBook files using the command line tool from this directory as follows, where is a line continuation character.

../../deltaxml-docbook.exe ^
                docbook-article-version-1.xml docbook-article-version-2.xml docbook-article-revision.xml ^

The docbook-article-revision.xml file contains the result, which is indented due to setting the indent-output parameter to yes. Other parameters are available as discussed in the User Guide and summarised by the following command

../../deltaxml-docbook.exe describe

2. Running the sample via the Visual Studio IDE

This directory contains a Visual Studio 2008 project (DocBookApiFileCompare.csproj) that has a source file: (DocBookApiFileCompare.cs).


  1. Pressing the play/run icon in the VisualStudio toolbar should run this sample.
  2. The Visual Studio project references all of the dynamic link libraries (DLLs) in this distributions top-level bin directory.
  3. This sample uses .Net Libraries that require the 3.5 Framework.