DITA Topic Comparison

The initial release of the plugin specialises solely in the comparison of DITA topics using DeltaXML's (separate) DITA Compare product. Support for further document types (and integration with more DeltaXML products) is planned for future releases.

General comparison options

The result of a comparison can be: a) a standard FrameMaker tracked changes XML document, or b) a standard DITA document, with changes marked using rev and status attributes.

FrameMaker Track Changes

The comparison result represents differences using the FrameMaker track changes format, so changes can be reviewed in FrameMaker in the usual way.

DITA Markup

Here, the comparison result uses standard DITA markup to highlight changes. This format allows the DITA Open Toolkit to be used to render a 'redlined' result, with adds/deletes highlighted using colours and underline/strikethrough styling. Note: DeltaXML's DITA Compare includes a deltaxml.ditaval file to style the redlining.

The PDF rendering of a comparison created using FrameMaker's bundled DITA Open Toolkit.


Key benefits over FrameMaker's built-in comparison tool

  • A top priority for DITA topic comparisons is to ensure that the result of a comparison is always a valid DITA document. Options are available to control the recovery techniques used.

  • The result can mark differences within tables down to cell-level.

  • The 'DITA Markup' output type allows 'redline' rendering of the comparison result in PDF, HTML etc.

  • While the default settings for the plugin are designed to meet most common needs, specialist DITA comparison options can be set from the Comparison Options dialog.