This guide describes the process of installing the FrameMaker plugin and linking it to a (separately) installed version of DeltaXML DITA Compare.



The plugin has dependencies that require Java SE 1.6 or later. The JAVA_HOME environment variable should be set to the installed Java location.

Adobe FrameMaker - Full or XML Author

To install the plugin, you should have Adobe FrameMaker v11.0 or later already installed.

DeltaXML DITA Compare - v5.1 or later (Java-based)

This is the comparator component used by the plugin, a commercial or evaluation license is also needed for this product, more details can be found on the DITA Compare product page.

Installing the Plugin

    1. From the Download page, download the .msi installation file.

    2. Run the .msi installation file and accept the End User License Agreement in the installer dialog when ready.

  1. Press the Install button to begin installation of the plugin.

  2. The file installation should complete with no further prompts. Press Finish when done.

  3. Now the plugin is installed you're ready to proceed to 'linking' - see next section.

Linking to DeltaXML DITA Compare

Once the plugin is installed, it needs to be linked to the DeltaXML DITA Compare (see Prerequisites section above), this is done from the plugin's user interface:

    1. Start Adobe FrameMaker

    2. Press the DeltaXML menu item which should now appear in the Adobe FrameMaker Toolbar

    3. In the DeltaXML dropdown menu, select the Set Options item

    4. The DeltaXML Comparison Options dialog (see below) should now open.

  1. From the dialog, select the Setup tabbed page.

  2. Launch the Open File dialog by pressing the button to the right of the DITA Compare path textbox.

  3. Select the deltaxml-dita.jar file in the downloaded DITA Compare folder and press Open.

  4. Press OK to close the DeltaXML Comparison Options dialog

  5. The plugin is now ready to perform DITA topic comparisons


Adobe FrameMaker

This product has been tested successfully with Adobe FrameMaker versions 11 and 12 and Adobe FrameMaker 2015.

DeltaXML DITA Compare

The plugin integrates with version 5.1 or later of the Java version of DeltaXML's DITA Compare product.