Testing with Postman

Installing the Collection

We have published a Postman Collection to demonstrate the endpoints and various features of JSON Compare. You will need to install Postman which is an application used to send HTTP requests.

To install the collection you will need to navigate to the JSON Compare page on our website. The button next to "Online Preview" is marked "Run in Postman", click this as illustrated below. (you may be redirected if you need to login):

Running the Collection

The collection installed is named "JSON Compare" and is available from the "Collections" tab of the sidebar:

We also set up an Environment called "JSON Compare Authorisation" which contains the server and your ID Token:

There is also a message displayed below the buttons on the website that notes how long your ID Token will last for:

The Collection is set up so as long as the "JSON Compare Authorisation" Environment is selected, all you need to do is press "Send" to run the requests. Of course, this collection is also intended to be edited and adapted for your own testing.

We have left some parameters unticked. Leaving them unticked will use the default option (e.g. for Word by Word this is false). To find more out about the various parameters, see our Features documentation.

We have provided various samples for testing the service, including features such as Word By Word Comparison:

Each request in the collection has an example response:

To access example response, use the dropdown in the top-right:

We have also provided examples of providing JSON via URIs by hosting a sample on our public Bitbucket repository:

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