Using the License Manager to move between servers

To move a license between two servers using the License Manager, please follow these steps.

This process may also been needed when IP addresses or hostnames are changed on a system and these are being used as the Host Id.

There is a limit on the number of times that a system may be deactivated in order to prevent abuse and denial of service issues with the licensing system. This is usually configured to be two deactivations per year. When the limit is reached an error will be reported. Please contact to request a temporary increase when needed.

Return license

Expand the list of systems for the appropriate purchased product, and select the required system to return the licence by clicking the Return link. Confirm your selection and this will remove the Host Id ready for the new host to be activated.

Activate system

Simply activate the available system with your the details of the new server and your license will be ready to download.

You can read more about our license models and the information you need to generate you license in the Licensing models section and the necessary procedures elsewhere in the Procedures section.

Download license

How you license is ready to download, so simply click on the ‘Download’ link and the file will start downloading.

View System History

You can check the history to see the original activation, return of that activation, activation for the new server and finally the license download.

Using the License CLI to move between servers

To move a license between two servers using the License CLI, please follow these steps.

Deactivating and returning System IDs

You first need to deactivate an existing system. Use the info command to view the systems and their HostId assignments:

$ java -jar  licensing-cli-1.0.1.jar info
Purchase: DelCo Software 10001                                      Customer: DelCo Software                 Support Expiry: 2022-01-01 lines:  3
    Line # | Product              | License Type    | License Use     | Qty | license exp | support exp
    1      | XML Compare Java     | Server 2 Cores  | PRODUCTION      | 3   | 2022-01-01  | 2022-01-01 
        System Id                            | Size | Current HostId                           | Last Modify
        a2a50834-ccd9-4b57-b5d2-39a9dc8d1db1 | 1    |              | 2021-04-29T17:10:04.826159Z
        d9fcba70-2875-4075-bc2a-110c88c53199 | 1    |               | 2021-04-29T17:10:41.817731Z
        c5d36e3c-b8c7-4e75-8d0a-a56841d8ec61 | 1    |              | 2021-04-29T17:11:15.878546Z


Once the system has been identified in terms of its System Id or current assigned HostId, use the deactivate command with the systemId as a parameter.

For example, the following command will clear the Host ID value of the referenced system:

$ java -jar licensing-cli-1.0.1.jar deactivate d9fcba70-2875-4075-bc2a-110c88c53199

This will not “switch off” any existing license files. It is only used to clear out associations with Host IDs so that they can be reassigned. However, to be in compliance with our licensing terms you must stop using the software on the system being deactivated and remove previous license file.

Activate/Associate System ID with Host ID

The info command will show that the HostId has been cleared and you can use the activate command to associate the system with a system. You can provide two parameters to the activate command, the first is the System Id and then the HostId.

java -jar licensing.jar activate system-id hostid

Details of HostIds for different license types are discussed in How to determine a license server hostid. In the following example we will use a hostname and in this case the HostId uses a 'HOSTNAME=' prefix.

$ java -jar licensing-cli-1.0.1.jar activate d9fcba70-2875-4075-bc2a-110c88c53199
Associated hostid with system d9fcba70-2875-4075-bc2a-110c88c53199

Download License

After activation the new license file can be downloaded and installed on the target system:

$ java -jar licensing-cli-1.0.1.jar download d9fcba70-2875-4075-bc2a-110c88c53199
New license being stored at: /Users/nigelw/deltaxml-xml-compare.lic

View System History

The history command displays an audit trail of the operations on a system. REGENERATE is associated with the license download operations. The Audit columns in this report describe the user who performs the licensing operation and shouldn’t be confused with any IP addresses or user names used in HostIds.

$ java -jar  licensing-cli-1.0.1.jar history d9fcba70-2875-4075-bc2a-110c88c53199
Operation    | HostId                                   | Audit User          | Audit IP        | Audit Time
REGENERATE   |                                          | |  | 2021-04-30T08:14:31.783535Z
ACTIVATE     |               | |  | 2021-04-30T08:12:32.831924Z
DEACTIVATE   |                                          | |  | 2021-04-30T08:03:47.791392Z
REGENERATE   |                                          | |     | 2021-04-29T17:10:42.104175Z
ACTIVATE     |               | |     | 2021-04-29T13:44:16.439197Z