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Articles and Papers

DeltaXML researchers and developers provide technical leadership for the XML community on change control by presenting and publishing their work at conferences.

The following articles and papers have been made available by their respective publishers:

Underpinning Efficiency and Compliance in Capital Markets with Scribestar

DeltaXML Case Study - July 2019

By using DeltaXML's DITA Compare solution, Scribestar were able to create an intensive platform that helps those in the legal profession process and review large and complex documents.


Helping Wrycan reduce NFPA’s publishing costs and create new digital products

DeltaXML Case Study – June 2018

With the help from DeltaXML’s XML Compare toolkit, Wrycan delivered a solution which integrated XML Compare with their Content Base product. This allows NFPA to manage all their content in a single repository, adding automated comparisons in a product-agnostic form.  


Flawless XML Change Management

Industry paper - November 2017

A new best practice within the top business markets. This paper illustrates why in today’s economy you must oversee your document and data file management and change systems to continue the success of your company.


Semcon saves up to 50% of the time required to validate revised documents with DeltaXML

DeltaXML Case Study – March 2017

The ability to consistently identify updates and mirror changes in existing information carries added significance when working with Semcon where new product introductions are accompanied with tight deadlines. DeltaXML’s unique ability to compare structured documents with accuracy becomes a necessity in the workplace.


Representing Overlapping Hierarchy as Change in XML

Balisage Conference - August 2016

This paper describes a new representation for overlapping hierarchy in XML. In addition to handling variants of the structure of an XML document, this representation handles changes to text and attributes.


Branch and Merge: A content manager's dream, or a tech writer's nightmare?

tcworld Conference - November 2015

Branch and merge may be a software developer’s dream, but using this technique with structured documents can turn into a nightmare. The merge process is so often a manual one: cut and paste and get frustrated. Can structured XML merge turn the nightmare back into a dream?


Divide and Conquer: Can we handle complex markup simply?

Balisage Conference - August 2015

This paper describes how a divide-and-conquer approach might be used to handle the complex markup structure that results from recording multiple variants of an historical document in a single XML document.


Intelligent Diff for XML

DeltaXML Whitepaper - November 2014

DeltaXML offers the only truly comprehensive solution for managing change in XML environments, empowering businesses and organisations not just to record change but to use change as a powerful and valuable asset.


XML for Publishers

DeltaXML Whitepaper - November 2014

This white paper has shows how change, when harnessed and managed, can add real value to a publishing business. The widespread use of XML structured documentation systems, and the deployment of XML-aware change management tools like DeltaXML, has made it possible to bring all of the advantages of structured information to the publishing of change in that same information.


Standard Change Tracking for XML

Balisage Conference - August 2014

This paper explores the advantages of using a generic approach to representing tracked changes in XML and the benefits to having a standard XML solution. Refers to work done for OpenDocument (ODF) standards and W3C ‘Change’ Community Group.


Mapping out a DITA Map Comparator

CIDM Best Practices Newsletter - June 2014

This paper discusses different approaches to consider when comparing DITA Maps for publication. It was published in Best Practices June 2014, Volume 16, Issue 3, a publication of The Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM)


Optimizing XML for Comparison and Change

XML London - June 2013

This paper discusses different aspects of XML grammar design that should be considered when document comparison is a requirement. Presented at XML London 2013, June 15-16th, 2013.

Slides Video  PDF

Representing Change Tracking in XML Markup

XML Prague - February 2013

This paper introduces a proposal of a standard mechanism for representing tracked changes in XML. It was presented at XML Prague 2013, Feb 9-10 2013.

Slides Video  PDF

XML Change Tracking

DeltaXML Technical Paper - August 2012

This technical paper was written in response to the wider interest in the proposal for OpenDocument change tracking. It focuses on the use for general XML change tracking.


Representing Changes in Open Document Format

Submission to OASIS ODF Technical Committee - July 2010

This paper describes a change tracking format developed for OpenDocument. The work for this was sponsored by NLnet. Paper (fourth draft): Associated documentation, code and test data is also available:  DeltaXML-TC4.tar.gz (5.1MB).


Approaches to Change tracking in XML

XML Prague - March 2010

This paper is an introduction to tracking change in XML documents and data. Presented at XML Prague 2010, held March 13th and 14th, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic.


XML Pipeline Performance

XML Prague - March 2010

This paper describes advanced methods for optimizing XML pipeline performance. Presented at XML Prague 2010, held March 13th and 14th, 2010, Prague, Czech Republic

(Please note that the performance figures presented predate the Saxon 9.3 release which addresses some of the issues discussed).

Paper Poster

Document Management: Why the format of office documents matters to your business

Intellect (now techUK) Document Management Group - February 2009

The importance of ‘standard’ document formats is growing. This paper seeks to raise awareness of the development and increased use of new open document formats, and the implications these can have for businesses.


A Generalized Grammar for Three-way XML Synchronization

XML 2005 - November 2005

This paper proposes a general synchronization grammar which can describe synchronization rule sets. Presented at XML 2005, held November 14-18, 2005, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.


Powering Pipelines with JAXP

XML 2004 - November 2004

This paper presents classification schemes, diagrams and tables which try to explain the pipeline construction process. Presented at XML 2004, held November 15-19, 2004, Washington, D.C., USA.


Conflict Resolution in XML - Forms For All

XML 2004 - November 2004

This paper looks at the use of XML forms of various types to reduce the drudgery involved and to take advantage some of the greatest strengths of XML, using pipelining and easily-understood representations to allow a decision-maker to work with minimal drag. Presented at XML 2004, held November 15-19, 2004, Washington, D.C., USA.

This paper is no longer available.

Beyond Babel - Simplifying Translation with XML

XML Europe - April 2004


Russian Dolls and XML: Handling Multiple Versions of XML in XML

XML 2003 - December 2003

This paper looks at the requirements and proposes a format for storing multiple XML documents within a single XML archive document, XML 2003, Dec, 2003, USA.


Change Control for XML: Do It Right

XML Europe - September 2003

This paper provides a general introduction to change management in XML. Presented at XML Europe 2003 in the vendor stream.


Merging XML files: a new approach providing intelligent merge of XML data sets

XML Europe - May 2002

This paper describes both 2-way merging of XML files and 3-way merging when two files that are variations of a single base file need to be merged, Presented at XML Europe 2002, Barcelona, May 2002.


A Delta Format for XML: Identifying Changes in XML Files and Representing the Changes in XML

XML Europe - May 2001

This paper goes into some of the background to DeltaXML and the general requirements that it addresses Presented at XML Europe 2001, Berlin, May 2001. Please note: DeltaXML has moved forward since this paper so it should be read as background material only.


Other Material

The following papers and book chapters also contain information relevant to DeltaXML technology:

The XML Handbook

Charles F. Goldfarb, Paul Prescod, Prentice Hall PTR, 2004, ISBN: 0130497657. Chapter 33


A Comparative Study for XML Change Detection

Verso report number 221, INRIA, 2002 (updated 2004), Grégory Cobéna, Talel Abdessalem and Yassine Hinnach

A comparative study of the performance (speed and result quality) of DeltaXML, XYDiff and a number of other competing tools.


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