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DeltaXML Control Attributes

Compare and Merge operations can be affected by the use of a number of control attributes in the DeltaXML namespace (see the Namespace Index for more details).

The table below lists the current set of control attributes with a brief description and links to relevant documentation for each of them.

N.B. Not all products allow the use of all of these attributes and may ignore or remove them when they are present in input documents.



Documentation links


Used as an identifier on an element to inform the matching process


Indicates that an element's children should be treated as an orderless 'set' rather than an ordered 'list'


Indicates to post-comparison stages that identified changes should be 'ignored' or 'resolved' in some way


Indicates that an element should be treated as inline formatting


Informs the NormalizeSpace filter that an element's content model is 'mixed' and that whitespace-only text nodes should be normalised, not removed


Indicate whether to split an element based on the dissimilarity of the text


Indicates that text nodes underneath the containing element should not be segmented into words prior to comparison

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