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Creating Systems - Host IDs, IP Address, Mac Address

A Host ID, IP Address, or MAC Address is required for any systems (servers, containers, laptops, or desktops) which will run the licence server. DeltaXML Concurrent Operation (CO) licenses allow any number of users, machines or processes to access the CO Licence and this is all handled by the license server.

Creating a system

For those using DeltaXML software you will need to create a “system” for line items. Systems represent the number of concurrent operations assigned to a license.

  1. To create a system for running your DeltaXML license, log into MyDelta.

  2. Depending on the type of license you have will depend on where your license is held within MyDelta.

    1. If you have purchased a full license, go to the license manager within MyDelta by clicking on the ‘license manager’ tab on the left hand side menu.

    2. If you have requested an evaluation license, go to the evaluation manager within MyDelta by clicking on the ‘evaluation manager’ tab on the left hand side menu.

  3. Expand the license where you’d like to create the system and click the ‘Create System’ button.

  4. A ‘Create System’ pop-up will appear asking you to create a size for your system. For evaluation licenses type '1' or for purchased licences the appropriate number. Then click confirm.

  5. Now click the ‘Refesh’ button top right. You can now activate your license!

Activating your license

To activate your license you must enter the Host Id, IP Address, or MAC Address to which the licence will be locked.

  1. Once you have created your system, click the ‘Activate’ button beside the license you’d like to activate.

  2. A pop-up will appear asking you to enter either the Host ID, IP Address, or MAC Address.
    Using the drop down, select your host type (the table below shows valid entries and how to get them)
    We recommend ‘Hostname’ as this is easiest.

  3. Click the ‘product license agreement’ box to accept the terms.

  4. Click the ‘Confirm’ button. Your license is now activated and ready to download!

Both IPv4 and IPv6 IP address are supported as hostids, but please avoid IPv6 auto configuration temporary addresses.

Host ID type


How to Generate



The client machine host name
(either simple or fully qualified DNS name) 

uname -n 


Please only supply the simple username with no workgroup or domain components. Please avoid: domain\user or A username containing space characters is not allowed.

IP Address

An IPv4 or IPv6 IP address

On unix-style OS


On Windows



MAC address

A 12-digit hexadecimal number assigned to each device connected to the network.


Note: if you are using Azure, AWS or Google Cloud Platform you can find the hostname for your VM or Containers in your management console.

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