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Input XML Restrictions

DeltaXML's comparison and merge products impose some restrictions on the XML content that can be compared or merged.

These restrictions are caused by the design of the products which exploit special namespaces and characters for internal use. This section describes these restrictions.

Reserved Unicode Characters

These Unicode characters are in the Private User Area as specified by the Unicode Consortium. There are five restricted characters:

\uE801 \uE802 \uE803 \uE804 \uE805

Root Element Names

The qualified names of the root elements for all input XML for a merge or comparison must be the same. That is, the root elements must have the same local name and, if they have a namespace, they must be in the same namespace

DeltaV2 Format XML

The DeltaV2 format is one of the supported output types for a merge or comparison operation by certain DeltaXML products.

XML content in this format contains elements and attributes in namespaces that are reserved for internal use. Such content cannot be compared or merged directly using DeltaXML products, a preprocessor would be required first to change the internal-use namespaces.

A list of reserved namespaces for DeltaXML products can be found at: Namespace Index.

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