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Named User

This is a legacy license model. Customers currently using this model can still renew their licenses, but they will no longer be issued to new customers.

A Named User License allows an individual person to use the DeltaXML software. The user is identified in the license file in terms of the operating system username and such a user must correspond to an identifiable person. It is NOT permitted to use this type of license with generic or service accounts on a system such as 'administrator', 'root', 'www' or 'httpd', or 'guest'.

Spaces in usernames are not supported in named user licensing.

To use a Named User License, users need to have accounts on the systems on which the DeltaXML Software is running. This may not be the case if you develop an application in which the DeltaXML software is embedded which provides its own authentication mechanisms rather than relying on operating system authentication.

Named User licenses work with operating systems that support user authentication, these include Microsoft Windows and Unix (including Apple MacOS and Linux). A number of authentication systems can be used, e.g. /etc/passwd, Workgroups, LDAP and Active Directory.

A Named User license could be used by the named user on multiple systems, for example a user's desktop and laptop computers. The license file will need to be installed on each system where DeltaXML software is used and the usernames on these systems will need to be the same.

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