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Miscellaneous Downloads

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Description/further detailsVersionFilename/DownloadSize
JAXP Pipeline tutorial samples files1.0pipelines.zip28 KB
docbook-xsl changebar customization layer for docbook-xsl from v1.74.0 to v1.78.1:
  docbook-xsl-* (DocBook v4.x)
 (DocBook v5.0)
0.1.6docbook-changes-0.1.6.zip5457 KB
docbook-xsl changebar customization layer for use with:
    docbook-xsl-1.72 (DocBook4)
0.1.2docbook-changes-0.1.2.zip44 KB
DeltaXML Filter Compatibility Pack (for deltaV1/Core 4.x users)1.1DeltaXML-FCP-1_1.zip70 KB
Filter pipeline benchmarks and data (as discussed on saxon-help/XML Prague)1.1pipeline-benchmarks.zip3.0 MB
FO change-bar optimizer (for XEP InternalError issues discussed in our support forum)1.0fo-changebar-optimizer.zip1.9 KB
DITA-OT pdf2 plugin updates ( user guide)1.0DITA-OT1.8-DeltaXML-PDF-1.0.zip21 KB
1.0DITA-OT1.8.4-DeltaXML-PDF-1.0.zip21 KB
1.0DITA-OT1.8.5-DeltaXML-PDF-1.0.zip21 KB
1.0oXygen15-DeltaXML-PDF-1.0.zip22 KB
1.0oXygen17-DeltaXML-PDF-1.0.zip22 KB
Utility for counting the 'runtime cores' available to a specific JVM. This is used to provide information necessary for the Licensing Fulfilment Team.3.0deltaxml-licensing.jar265 KB
Licensing servers for use with Concurrent Operation and REST Capacity license types.  These are available for Linux and Windows server operating systems,  you need to use one of these according to your requirements1.127MB
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