How to determine a Server or Named User hostid

This procedure is useful for users or administrators who fulfil an order for DeltaXML software and intend to use our Server or Named User license models.  A hostid is required for any systems (servers, laptops or desktops) or users (in the case of Named User) which will run the software.

The possible hostids for these license types are both smaller than the set of hostids that we support for use with Concurrent licensing as they run client side in pure Java code.

While it is possible to use the lmhostid command that we recommend for determining concurrent server hostids, we recommend that users avoid downloading the license server distributions and instead use the operating system commands we document below.

Server hostids

The table below shows the allowed Host ID types for Server licenses, and how to generate them.

Host ID type
How to Generate
HostnameThe client machine host name
(either simple or fully qualified DNS name) 
uname -n 
IP AddressAn IPv4 or IPv6 IP address

On unix-style OS


On Windows


Both IPv4 and IPv6 IP address are supported as hostids, but please avoid IPv6 auto configuration temporary addresses.

Named User hostids

Host ID type
How to Generate
usernameThe operating system username 

On Unix OS:
who am i

On Windows:

echo %USERNAME% 


Please only supply the simple username with no workgroup or domain components. Please avoid: domain\user or A username containing space characters is not allowed.

When entering hostids into the License Manager section of MyDelta, do not enter the TYPE= prefixes shown in the examples above. The fulfilment system allows you to select the type and then requires the basic value in the text entry field.

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