How to name and install your license file

Once you have followed the instructions in How to View and Active your license, you will have a license file.

Now you need to configure the machine(s) that will be running the DeltaXML software to use the license file.

Step-by-step guide

Steps involved:

  1. First rename the license file to match the name of the product you are using.
    The following table lists the names used for each product:

    ProductLicense File/Resource Name
    XML Compare
    General Merge
    DITA Compare
    DITA Merge
    DocBook Compare
    XML Compare REST
  2. Place the license file in one of the following locations:
    • The same directory as the jar or exe/dll files in your unpacked installation
    • Your home directory
    • As a resource on your java classpath
    • A user specified location may be used by calling the API method setLicenseFile
  3. Test that the licensing is working. This can be done by typing a command-line specific for each product:

    ProductLicense-Test Command-line*
    XML Compare
    java -jar deltaxml-x.y.z.jar
    General Merge
    java -jar deltaxml-merge-x.y.z.jar license
    DITA Compare
    java -jar deltaxml-dita.jar
    DITA Merge
    java -jar deltaxml-dita-merge.jar license
    DocBook Compare
    java -jar deltaxml-docbook.jar
    XML Compare REST
    java -jar deltaxml-rest-x.y.z.jar


    For the above command-line, replace x.y.z with major.minor.patch number for a specific release.

    For example, for XML Compare 10.0.0 - use: java -jar deltaxml-10.0.0.jar

    (Currently DITA Merge, DITA Compare and DocBook Compare don't use the x.y.z suffix - but this is likely to change for future releases)

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