How to obtain a concurrent license

Step-by-step guide

Steps involved:

  1. First ensure that you have selected a host ID for the license server. See How to determine a license server host ID.
  2. Log on to the FlexNet Operations portal.
  3. Select Activation & Entitlements, List Entitlements.
  4. Select the check box at the left of the line item to activate, then click on Action, Activate.
  5. The Activate Licenses page opens. If you want to send the license entitlement to an email address then fill in an email address here, otherwise click Next.
  6. On the Configure Hosts page, add a server host ID by clicking the green plus icon...
  7. and then select the host ID policy from the list (see How to determine a license server host id).
  8. Now fill in the value of the host ID found from the server.
  9. Click OK to add the line, then on the Configure Hosts page click Next.
  10. On the Configure Counts page click Next.
  11. Now on the Review page, click Generate. This will generate the license.
  12. The license is generated. On the License Summary page click Complete.
  13. To download the license file, click on License Support, List Licenses.
  14. On the List License page, select the check box for the license line item desired, 
  15. and then select View, Save To File. This will download the license file with a ".lic" file extension.
  16. You now have your concurrent license file.
  17. If you want to download the concurrent license server, first click Activation & Entitlements, List Entitlements, then on the List Entitlements page, click the "Download Now" text at the right of the entitlement.
  18. This takes you directly to the download page for just the product entitlement you have selected.
  19. From here, click on the link "DeltaXML Concurrent Licensing Servers".
  20. This opens a page containing downloads of the server ZIP files for all supported platforms.
  21. To download, for example the Windows 64-bit server files, click on the link at the right. The ZIP file will download immediately.
  22. If you have followed these instructions you will have a license file and a license server zip file. Next see How to set up the license server.
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