How to obtain Server or Named User licenses

After a purchase you can obtain your licenses by logging on to the FlexNet Operations portal.

Follow the steps below to obtain a fixed host license.

Step-by-step guide

  1. First ensure that you understand the different types of license. See License Models for full details.
  2. Select a host ID for the systems or users.  Please see How to determine a Server or Named User hostid.
  3. Log on to the FlexNet Operations Portal.
  4. On login you should start at the List Entitlements page. To get to this page from elsewhere, select Activation & Entitlements, List Entitlements
  5. The List Entitlements page shows a list of all your software entitlements to DeltaXML licensed software.
  6. In FlexNet terminology you want to activate your license. To do this, select the tick box for the desired entitlement line. 
  7. With an entitlement selected, select the Action, Activate button.
  8. This takes you to the Activate Licenses page. At this stage you may need to enter 'License Model Attributes' that are needed for certain license types such as REST service licenses, the example shows that a port number is required for tgese services.  After entering any attributes click the Next button to move to the next stage.
  9. The next page that opens is the Configure Hosts page. Click on the Add button - the green plus icon - to add a server host line to the license.
  10. A pop-up page entitled Create License Host opens.
    Click on the drop down list to see all the available host ID policies. 
    Select the policy you decided on in step 2, 

    If the "Create License Host" page does not show, please ensure your browser is set to allow pop-ups for this site.

  11. fill in the hostID value in the text box to the right of the equals sign, and click the OK button.
  12. The server hosts list should now show the host ID just entered. Click the Generate button. 
  13. This opens the License Summary page. Here you can check the details of the license.
  14. Note that at this point you can also choose to view the license in several ways. You can save, print, or email it.
  15. Click the Complete button.
  16. Now go to License Support, List Licenses.
  17. Select the license check box, select View, Save to File.
    (Note that from here you could also choose to email the license file to an email address of your choice).
  18. This will download a license file. Once you have a license file, you can proceed to How to configure Server and Named User licensing.
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