Licensing Glossary

This is a glossary of licensing terms.  It augments the Flexera documentation.

  • Host
    A unique, identifiable system that runs the application code. A host could be a desktop system, a physical server or a virtual machine on-site or in the cloud.  A host usually needs a unique IP address when networking with a license server.
  • License server
    A system which provides network checkin and checkout operations over a LAN or other network.  Such a system runs the license manager daemon lmgrd and deltaxml vendor daemon.
  • lmgrd
    A daemon used on a license server to coordinate checkin and checkout activity.  lmgrd is a standard Flexnet Publisher component.
  • vendor daemon
    An executable daemon (file with name: deltaxml or deltaxml.exe) that when used in conjunction with lmgrd forms the basis of the License server.
  • Runtime core
    This is a processor known to the Java runtime and the number of runtime cores is the result of calling the java.lang.Runtime.availableProcessors() method. 
  • Licensing unit
    A quantity represented in the license file and measured by the license server for concurrent operations.  A checkout will consume and reserve this quantity from the license server and the checkin operation will return the quantity.
    For concurrent user licensing the quantity corresponds to the number of users (usernames) and for Concurrent Server it is the number of runtime cores of a host. 
  • Licensed Operation
    A unit of software functionality bounded by a checkin and checkout operation so that either:
    • the number of concurrent instances can be controlled and counted with a license server
    • or a server/named-user license can be checked prior to performing the operation
    The operations could correspond to comparisons, pipelined comparisons, three way merge operations or setAncestor/addVersion operations on the ConcurrentMerge object.
  • HostId
    For Server and Named User licensing a hostid identifies fixed hosts or a server used with concurrent/network licensing.
  • checkout
    Occurs at the start of a licensed managed operation when the client code requests a quantity of license units from the license server.
  • checkin
    Returns the license units to the license server. 
  • FlexNet Publisher
    The third party license management software system from Flexera Software LLC that is used in DeltaXML products.
  • FNOC
    FlexNet Operations Cloud portal, the hosted service used to deliver licenses and downloads for DeltaXML products
  • activation id
    This is a FNOC term corresponding to an order line in a software quote or order from DeltaXML. An order may list several products or license types and each would have a separate order or line number and in activation-id in FNOC.
  • entitlement id
    A FNOC term corresponding to an order, may include a number of products.
  • fulfilment id
    When an activation is fulfilled, typically by providing the hostid of the host running the software or the hostid of a license server, a license file is generated.  Each license file will have a corresponding system generated fulfilment id.
  • partial fulfilment
    Server and Named User activations may be partially fulfilled.  For example an order line (activation id) may specify a quantity of 5 servers.  A user needs to provide 5 hostids for the corresponding servers,  until all are provided this is a partial fulfilment. 
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