Namespace Index

DeltaXML software uses a number of output and intermediate data formats.  These are XML files which usually make use of XML Namespaces.
The XML Namespace mechanism uses URIs to uniquely identify a namespace. In many cases URLs are used as URIs and while they can be dereferenced there is no requirement to do this when processing XML files. This page is provided as a landing page for when namespace URIs are dereferenced.

In DeltaXML data formats we will use URIs with the prefix In the remainder of this page we will list all of our known namespaces, and provide details of the associated products and formats.

Namespace URIPreferred PrefixAssociated ProductsFormat Documentation Compare and XML MergeTwo and Three Document DeltaV2 Format CompareLexical Preservation Format Compare and XML Merge(Formatting-element milestones) XML Compare up to version 4.5.2Used in the deltaxml-merge.xsl filter for OpenDocument Format (ODF) Change Tracking work discussed in conference paper.  Some concepts later used in deltaV2
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