The following table describes migration paths for existing customers who wish to continue using the deltaV1 format.  The 5.0 release of XML Compare includes filters which work with the new deltaV2 format and no other filters.

In order to support existing customers some filters, particularly output filters, are provided in a 'Filter Compatibility Pack' (FCP). This allows use of the 5.0 comparator (with the deltaV1 feature setting) and any performance and algorithm improvements will be available.  The FCP allows us to fix bugs and make minor enhancements to these deltaV1 format filters for the use of existing customers. New customers are strongly encouraged to use the deltaV2 format filters.

The starting point for the FCP (version 1.0) will be same versions of the filters included in the 4.5.2 release. Some of the filters that users of 4.5.2 and earlier releases may have used are still provided in XML Compare release 5.0 perhaps because they are input filters or they do not need to be changed in other ways to deal with the new format.  When a new filter was required to deal with the change in delta format we have added the 'dx2-' prefix to the filename, so that there can be non confusion about the supported delta format.

Filter NameFilter TypeDeltaV1 Format, ongoing supportDeltaV2 Format Migration, new or equivalent filter name
WordByWordOutfilter1Java SAXFCPcom.deltaxml.pipe.filters.dx2.wbw.WordOutfilter
WordByWordOutfilter2Java SAXFCPcom.deltaxml.pipe.filters.dx2.wbw.WordSpaceFixup[3]
WordByWordInfilterJava SAXFCPcom.deltaxml.pipe.filters.dx2.wbw.WordInfilter[4]
RemoveExchangeJava SAXFCPN/A[2]
OrphanedWordOutfilterJava SAXFCPcom.deltaxml.pipe.filters.dx2.wbw.OrphanedWordOutfilter
CleanHouseJava SAX5.0com.deltaxml.pipe.filters.CleanHouse[5]
NormalizeSpaceJava SAX5.0com.deltaxml.pipe.filters.NormalizeSpace[1]

[1] Unchanged between 4.5.2 and 5.0 releases
[2] deltaV2 does not have the concept of exchanges - filter not required
[3] WordSpaceFixup implements functonality previous provided by both WBWO1 and WBWO2
[4] Support for formatting elements is now implemented by separate filters (dx2-format-infilter.xsl and dx2-format-outfilter.xsl)
[5] This filter supports both delta formats
[6] normalize-space functionality is now only supported using a Java filter