Expanding on the high-level User Guide, the following samples and guides consider common use-cases and other features available with XML Compare and its included filters. 

Samples provide documentation, code, data files and ant scripts that can be run with an evaluation or the full product. The document, available on this website, describes the concepts behind each sample. The resources associated with each sample can be downloaded from Bitbucket.  Bitbucket is a system for hosting repositories, owned by Atlassian. It allows DeltaXML to provide the latest version of our samples, making them available for download.  See below for the links to Bitbucket.

The samples are designed for use with very limited data and may not run efficiently or effectively with larger data files.

Guides are stand-alone documents available on this website.

Comparisons in XML Compare are typically performed using either the Pipelined Comparator or the Document Comparator. Both of these comparators can be configured and customized with additional filters through their respective APIs. Alternatively, the Pipelined Comparator can be customized via an XML file, referred to as a 'DXP', while the Document Comparator can be customized via a 'DCP' XML file.

Many of the samples here demonstrate how the same feature can be implemented using either the Pipelined or Document Comparator; other samples are dedicated to showing the use of just one of the comparator types. In some cases, the alternative comparator may have no equivalent feature. The Document Comparator, for example, has a built-in feature for 'formatting elements', it is therefore just this comparator that is used in the 'Formatting Element Changes' sample. Please see the Choosing the Comparator section of the User guide for further details.

Sample files are published on Bitbucket. The .NET samples are also in Bitbucket and are marked with an asterisk * below. Look for the Downloads option in the sample that you are interested in.

There is an explanation of the table headings in section 6.1. 

XML Documents

XML Data

XML Documents & XML Data

DXP/DCP Filter Pipelines

Format Specific Information

Integrating XML Compare

The following discuss using the Java APIs and are generally independent of any filters used in the processing pipelines.

Samples Key

DC = sample includes Document Comparator usage via API

PC = sample includes Pipelined Comparator usage via API

DXP = sample includes Pipelined Comparator usage via DXP file

DCP = sample includes Document Comparator usage via DCP file

Other Files



The following documents point to directories that contain source code for you to use or adapt as necessary.


       Pointers to sample DXP pipeline configuration files, corresponding to the pipelines included in the XML Compare GUI and command-line processor by default. Also a DTD for ensuring DXP validity.


       Pointers to sample DCP pipeline configuration files, corresponding to the pipelines included in the XML Compare GUI and command-line processor by default. Also annotated XML Schemas (for XML Schema v1.0 and 1.1) to assist with editing and ensure validity.

XSL Filters

       Various XSL filters are included for use in your pipelines, or used in other code samples.