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10.1.x Release Notes

Release 10.1.2 - 21st November 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in Document Comparator Oxygen Track Changes output. When an element with text containing the '<' character was deleted, it was not properly escaped in the track changes processing instruction.
  • Fixed issue with the count of concurrent comparisons when using a License Server. This caused a 'License concurrency limit exceeded' error message when an exception in a previous comparison led to a 'checkin' operation being missed. This was the customer support case CUST-134.

Release 10.1.1 - 25th October 2019

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused HTML tables with differences in column spanning to not be reconstructed correctly. This was customer support case CUST-123.

Release 10.1.0 - 22nd October 2019

Bug Fixes

  • In DocumentComparator, if the output format was XMetaL Track Changes and the input XML had attribute changes, the output was incorrect. This issue has now been fixed.
  • REST API: Fixed a bug where calling GET on /pipelines with application/xml Content-Type returned all information about pipelines, instead of the cutdown top-level information it was intended for.
  • REST API: Fixed a bug when calling GET on /pipelines more than once resulted in repeated link elements in the response.


  • Removed some of the static HTML documentation that was previously moved to our website. Removed release notes file from the release, this is now available on our documentation site (that you are reading right now!)
    Previous release notes are available here:  Pre-10.1.0 Archive
  • Reimplemented the REST API's I/O connectors for cloud bucket services. We currently support AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Azure Files Blob Storage.
  • Redesigned how parameters to the REST API are specified when using multipart/form-data requests. Instead of using a comma separated list with booleanParameters/stringParameters, users can now specify each parameter separately with the name of the form part corresponding to the DXP/DCP parameter name.
  • Refactored the implementation of "Jobs" in the REST API. Removed the concept of "Results". To simply the API, information about the output is now stored in the Job endpoint.
  • Refactored the format for specifying parameters in the REST API. This is also reflected in the response for GET /pipelines/{pipeline-ID}
  • Warnings now logged for invalid DXP/DCP files discovered by the REST API at startup. No exception is thrown provided that at least one valid DXP/DCP file is found.
  • Updated REST API command line client to handle updated request/response formats.
  • Improved error handling the REST API Java command line client.

New Features

  • The ModifiedFormatOutput setting for DocumentComparator has new options and modified behaviour for some of the existing options. This option affects how changes to formatting-elements are represented in the output.
  • Added support for tracking attribute changes when using Oxygen tracked changes output. This is enabled by default when using Oxygen track changes output.
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