XML Compare runs locally on your own hardware and allows you to quickly embed XML comparison functionality into your own systems, it can be run in a variety of ways, with the range of options determined by the type of license you have - either for the Java or REST API.

A licence file is required to run XML Compare, see the Licensing User Guide for more details.

XML Compare can be invoked using a choice of interfaces (simplified view)

A comparison can be run programmatically, using Java or REST. Alternatively, it can be user-driven via the command-line (see the Command-Line page), an Oxygen plugin (after installation of the DeltaXML Oxygen Adaptor) or a simple graphical user-interface (GUI). Note that the GUI is designed to help demonstrate some of the built-in capabilities of XML Compare, but it is not intended as a standalone productivity tool.

It is also possible to invoke a further nested comparison from within an XSLT filter using a provided compare() XSLT extension function, this is described in the Java API documentation.