12.0.1 - 25th August 2022

Bug Fixes

  • XML Compare no longer fails when the Usage Logging reporting method is set to off.

  • license command no longer throws NullPointerException with Concurrent Operation license. This was customer support case CUST-638.

Dependency Changes

  • Included JAXB dependencies to support Java 11 and above. See Getting Started for more information.

12.0.0 - 4th July 2022


  • In this 12.0.0 release we have included our latest table comparison algorithms for CALS Tables. The new approach is based on different techniques:

    1. Comparing the columns of a table first, based on the content that they contain.

    2. Reconstructing a non-ragged table showing column and row adds and deletes but basing the final structure on that of the B input.

API Removals

  • Some classes from the com.deltaxml.core and com.deltaxml.api packages which were deprecated in the previous major release are no longer available. Please see Version 11 Deprecations for more information.

Dependency Changes

  • We have dropped support for Saxon 9.8 in this release. Saxon is still the version distributed with XML Compare.