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14.3 Release Notes

14.3.1 - 17th April 2024

Bug Fix

Cals table related issues resolved by:

  • removing deprecated elements from the standardConfig in the schema guide

  • putting in place more robust validation rules required for internal processing

This was customer support case CUST-1020.

14.3 - 28th March 2024

New Feature

  • Added improved Character By Character algorithm for DocumentComparator that aims to minimise the number of modified text groups and enhance the likelihood of comparing similar text accurately.

  • The previous character-by-character sample is now deprecated. We only recommend its use if you need to use PipelinedComparator instead of DocumentComparator.


MathML and SVG related DTDs are now included in the samples in the catalog directory within the downloaded product zip. This removes the dependency on a working internet connection to load these DTDs from the web.

Bug Fix

Repeated version labels on table tbody related bug fixed to have only one required version label. This was found internally.

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