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9.0.x Release Notes

Release 9.0.0 - 15th June 2021


  • The "Core Comparator" is the engine that drives comparison of XML files. In this release we have worked on its performance, averaging a 20% decrease in the time that the Core Comparator takes, and reducing most resources like the stack size that it uses. Depending on the inputs you have and the pipelines you use this may or may not be reflected in your timings.

  • In line with other changes to our licensing processes, new licenses are no longer be tied to a specific product version. This means the next time we release a new major or minor release, you can keep using your existing license (so long as it is still in date of course!). New licenses issued will remain backwards compatible, but version 9.0.0 is the first to take advantage of this new date based system.

Dependency Changes

  • XML Merge is now distributed with Saxon
  • icu4j has been updated to version 69.1
  • Xerces has been updated to version 2.12.1
  • fastutil is a new dependency required by XML Merge
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