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ConversionQA User Guide


ConversionQA gives you assurance that document content that has been converted to a different XML format is intact and that nothing has been lost in the conversion. This QA check is essential for all high-integrity or audited processes where document formats are changed. There are other use cases such as development of publishing pipelines to check that the original content is faithfully transformed to the published format.

For example, ConversionQA will check that the content of a DITA document is the same as the Word file from which it was created - whether that process was automatic or manual. It could be used to demonstrate that re-conversion is not needed if the content is the same. If small changes are made to a source document these might be manually applied to the target file to save a complex conversion. ConversionQA would demonstrate that the changes are correct by validating the new versions against each other.

Conversion or transformation of a document from one format to another can be time-consuming and expensive as well as error-prone. The ability to check the accuracy of such a process saves manual checking and can save repeating a conversion process when it is not necessary or can be avoided by small edits to the target format.

ConversionQA is a time-saver for most publishers and essential for publishers that receive new or amended content from outside sources in different formats.

ConversionQA Features

A description of the features of ConversionQA

Guide to the ConversionQA Change Report

A guide to the output report when changes are found

Input Types

A guide to the input types that are accepted

Java API Guide

A guide on how to use the Java API


A guide on how to use the REST API

Command Line Guide

A guide on how to use the Command line tool

Configuration Properties

Details of the properties available to read or set.

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