This product uses several third party libraries as discussed in the Legal Notices and Licensing pages. The following table summarises the versions of the libraries used.

Table 2. Library Dependencies

LibraryVersionDescriptionGUI Only?
saxon9pe.jar9.9.1.8Saxon XSLT 2/3 Processingno
xercesImpl.jar2.12.1XML Parsingno
resolver.jar1.2 - custom patch 6OASIS Catalog Resolverno
icu4j.jar69.1International Unicode Utilitiesno
fastutil.jar8.4.2fastutil libraryno
puremvc.jar1.0Model Viewer Controlleryes
swt.jar, swt-lib/*.jar4.9SWT Java GUI Librariesyes

*While Saxon PE is the currently supported and distributed version of Saxon, we have provided an interoperability mechanism for Saxon PE/EE versions 9.8, 9.9, and 10.5