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How to determine a license server hostid

A hostid is required for use with concurrent licensing.  It is used to identify the license server.  As the license server uses native code a number of platforms are supported, beyond those supported in other types of license.  Furthermore, when using concurrent licensing you will need to download a ZIP containing the server daemons and related executables and one of these executables (lmhostid) provides accurate reporting of hostids.  We would recommend using lmhostid in preference to the techniques described in Creating Systems - Host IDs, IP Address, Mac Address with concurrent license models.

There are two ways to determine the hostid of a system; you can either use the command line tool lmhostid which is included in our license server downloads, or you could use platform specific commands.

Please refer to the FlexNet Publisher License Administration Guide chapter 6 "Hostids for Supported Platforms" for a full description of the lmhostid options.

The table below shows the server Host ID types that DeltaXML supports for license servers (a subset of those supported by Flexera and listed in their documentation), when to use them, and how to generate them.

Host ID typeDescriptionlmhostid optionsExamples

This is the MAC address of the network card.

It is a recommended identifier for physical machines.

It should be specified as a 6 byte quantity with each byte specified as two hex digits.

lmhostid -ether 00155d141307

IP Address


An IPv4 or IPv6 address

Can be used in Virtual Machines.

IPv4 and IPv6 loopback addresses are not permitted

lmhostid -internet




HostnameThe configured hostname of the system, can be local or fully qualified.
locahost is not permitted as a hostname

lmhostid -hostname


When entering hostids into the License Manager you may need to remove the type prefix (the word before the = symbol) such as HOSTNAME= or INTERNET=. as the hostid type is specified immediately before the text entry area.  Conversely when using the License CLI these prefixes are required.

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