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Introducing the License CLI

The License CLI tool has been created to allow customers to easily manage their licenses directly from the host machine. It is also appropriate for customers who have large or complex configurations and wish to automate their licensing operations through scripting. Here are a few of the key functions, for more detailed information about License CLI procedures please view the Licence Manager & CLI Procedures section.

Unleash the power of the CLI

Managing your licenses with the License CLI removes some steps in the usual processes making the procedures quicker and less prone to error. Where you need to download several licenses this can be done using the License CLI on each machine removing the need to rename files twice as you download and move them. Another example is setting the HostId which can take time to identify and cut and paste into the License Manager, where as the License CLI simply uses the HostId of the server by default.

Automated Processes

The most powerful aspect of the new CLI is the ability to automate licence renewals, using CRON or other such tools renewal of the licence file can be completed automatically. This means you can remove any manual processes to ensure your DeltaXML software will always run without interruption.

View your licenses

The License CLI can list your purchased products using the info command, after which you can activate systems using the System Ids displayed previously to obtain a license.

Some customers may find no purchases returned, don’t worry they are there, your registered email may be different to the one we have or you may simply not be associated with the purchase in our database. Please just follow the onscreen instructions and you will have access shortly after.

Using the System Id the history command will provide a list of chronological log of actions such as activations and deactivations on that system.

Here is a short example showing a purchase and the associated systemIds:

$ java -jar licensing-cli-1.2.0.jar info
Purchase: DelCo Software 10002                                      Customer: DelCo Software                 Support Expiry: 2023-12-31 lines:  2
    Line # | Product              | License Type    | License Use     | Qty | license exp | support exp
    1      | XML Compare Java     | Server 2 Cores  | PRODUCTION      | 3   | 2023-12-31  | 2023-12-31 
        System Id                            | Size | Current HostId                           | Last Modify
        339425de-b20a-4c48-8ff7-9a69a6d12b89 | 1    |              | 2022-06-12T16:05:08.041305Z
        c3759499-51fc-49f3-8ee5-0b41a6f5f6fc | 1    |               | 2022-06-12T13:22:52.841148Z
        b72e8709-16ee-4301-be00-e782363e5af6 | 1    |              | 2022-06-12T16:08:53.299971Z
    Line # | Product              | License Type    | License Use     | Qty | license exp | support exp
    2      | XML Merge Java       | Concurrent Oper | PRODUCTION      | 8   | 2023-12-31  | 2023-12-31 

When no argument is provided the usage message provides a reminder of the commands and their arguments:

$ java -jar licensing-cli-1.2.0.jar
  java -jar licensing.jar auth
  java -jar licensing.jar info [purchase [line]]
  java -jar licensing.jar info [purchase] [current]
  java -jar licensing.jar info [purchase] [historic]
  java -jar licensing.jar activate system-id [hostid [port]]
  java -jar licensing.jar download system-id [filename]
  java -jar licensing.jar deactivate  [system-id]
  java -jar licensing.jar history [system-id]
  java -jar licensing.jar create-system purchase line
  java -jar licensing.jar delete-system system-id
  java -jar licensing.jar redist purchase line
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