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Register for access to License Manager and License CLI

MyDelta portal

The MyDelta portal is an easy to use web app that offers self service license management, as well as access to other DeltaXML services such as our SaaS products, profile management, and evaluation downloads of all our comparison and merge products. Sign for the MyDelta portal now.

You can register quickly using your GitHub or LinkedIn account, or simply create an account with your name and email address. If you can’t find your account validation email be sure to check your spam folder, as they are sometimes caught by spam filters.

What can I do?

Once you are registered you will have access to the License Manager, download links for software you have purchased, and the Licensing CLI tool. These tools will enable you to manage your own licenses without the need of support tickets. You can find out more on these pages:

Need some help?

You can watch our ‘How to register with DeltaXML’ guide in our Licensing Procedures Videos section for a quick explanation of how to register.

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