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Introducing the License Manager

The License Manager is a graphical user interface that facilitates all aspects of license management, including viewing, downloading, renewing, returning, and moving licenses. It provides an easy way to access purchased licenses for all kinds of machines, including personal computers, servers and virtual machines. Here are a few of the key functions, for more detailed information about License Manager procedures please view the Licence Manager & CLI Procedures section.

View your licenses

The License Manager presents your purchased products, under which you can Activate Systems to obtain a license. Depending on your License Type, which is displayed alongside the Product in each Line, you will need to provide certain information. Once submitted the license is created and available for download and use.

Some customers may find no purchases returned, don’t worry they are there, your registered email may be different to the one we have or you may simply not be associated with the purchase in our database. Please just follow the onscreen instructions and you will have access shortly after.

Activate, renew and return of licenses

Select your product from the Line(s) available and you will be shown a list of System Ids for which you have activated licenses, and if you have more available licenses, the option to Create System. Each Line will have a number of options to manage the licensed system(s) enabling you to quickly complete the necessary task.

Moving servers

This process has been simplified and with a few button clicks you can remove your license from an existing server and deploy to a new server.

License History

It can be useful to see the System Id history as a list of chronological actions to activate and deactivate, which is available as a complete log.

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